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The Student-led Parents' Evening

It's been a while since I last blogged in relation to student-led learning. Along with Covid, came a hundred-and-one barriers that have meant that many of us, myself most certainly included, have struggled to find ways to get the children up and on their feet, sharing their knowledge, and interacting. The slow return to normal has been even slower in the UAE, where we have only, very recently, been able to rearrange tables and move away from distancing restrictions in the classroom. Masks remain a necessity, inside, but we are able to move freely and the children can once again take the lead.

This meant that, this week, I got to take part in my first student-led parents' evening. A concept which my current workplace has run with for many years but something which I had never heard of, or considered, prior to a few weeks a go when, as a staff group, we discussed what it would consist of and how it would work.

The idea was simple yet incredibly powerful. The children would be given the opportunity to guide their parents and guardians around the school's corridors, and classrooms, before opening their books and talking about their work and what they have been learning; showing off the progress that had been made since September. Furthermore, I felt that this was a brilliant opportunity to get my students to demonstrate their understanding, and the skills that had been learned, by posing a series of questions and prompts on the board in a style that was familiar to them all (and to you if you are a regular user of the morning challenge!).

Prior to the evening itself, I had allowed the children a period of time to look back through their books and choose a selection of English, maths and science work that they were particularly proud of. These pieces were marked with post-its which allowed them to more easily access their best-bits on the night. Old books were also made accessible, showing the huge amounts of progress that had occurred, and the walls were decorated with outstanding examples of art and writing. We were now ready for our visitors!

As the children eagerly waited, their guests began to filter in and had their first opportunity, this academic year, to peruse the classrooms and halls. It was lovely to welcome parents and have brief discussions about learning - offering hints, tips and updates about individuals, whilst also watching the children proudly do what they are best at - talking about what they had achieved, showing off their creative flair, and being open and honest about their productivity, skills, and the areas that needed to be addressed as they made those final few steps towards year 5.

Of course, this experience couldn't wholly replace the more traditional parents' consultation that offers so much insight into children's progress and time in class. However, it was the perfect compliment to that more formal offering, and an unusual opportunity for the children to take the lead on recognising, and taking ownership, of their next steps to learning.

If you have experimented with a similar idea, or decide to give this one a whirl, I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Here's to the final few weeks of the school year and increased opportunities to let our student's lead! I hope you all have a positive end to 2021-22.


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4 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
19 may 2023

how can ou make your own morning challenge

Me gusta

Can I get a template for next year?



Me gusta

Jo Ross
Jo Ross
31 may 2022

Do you have a template by chance of the morning challenge page you displayed for the learning conference we could use for our own? (editable)

kind regards


Me gusta
Daniel R Wilson
Daniel R Wilson
31 may 2022
Contestando a

Sure! I’ll email over tomorrow!

Me gusta
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