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Hello & welcome to Morning Challenge

We are an EdTech company, created by a UK-trained teacher, with the aim of enabling education professionals, worldwide, to build environments within which children take ownership of their learning and develop confidence and leadership skills - student-led classrooms that engage, inspire, and enhance progress.

Used across six continents by thousands of teachers, daily, we're the world's most comprehensive start to the school day!

About the Author



My name is Daniel Wilson and I trained as a primary teacher in the UK. I have experience of working with years 1-6, as both a teaching assistant and a class teacher, and, after spending time working in Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, in England, I took the opportunity to widen my horizons and gain international experience. 


The Evolution of an Idea

As part of an educational research project, in 2017, I was lucky enough to visit schools in both Denmark and Finland. My experiences made me eager to produce resources and dynamics that facilitated, rather than forced, learning.



This site is dedicated to Leo (RIP. The best friend a man could ever have and the star of the daily morning challenge) & the Livingstone Owls of 2017/18 who taught me as much as I taught them - collectively and individually, coping with everything I threw at them whilst owning every second along the way. Continue making me proud guys, you rock!

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