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Using the site

How do I access the site's resources?

Choose the resource of your choice, from the menu in the site's header, and then select the date from the calendar. Resources are divided into free and subscriber only. All members can access those resources listed as free. Those resources listed as subscriber only may be accessed by purchasing a yearly subscription.

How do I run the resources in full-screen?

Once a resource is opened, via a calendar page, it may be run in full-screen by clicking the thumbnail in the top right-hand corner of the image. Full-screen mode is available only via a laptop/desktop and may not be accessible via a mobile or tablet.

Can I share your resources?

Subscriptions are linked to individuals. All of the resources on the site are for personal use only. Users may share these resources with their individual classes. As stated in the 'Terms of Service', resources should not be downloaded, stored or shared more widely.

Subscriber only resources

How do I access subscriber only resources?

Access may be purchased by visiting the Subscriptions page and completing payment.

How long does a subscription run for?

Subscriptions run for a period of one year and will auto-renew until cancellation.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions may be cancelled by accessing your 'My Subscriptions' page, via the drop down list in the header. Once cancelled, subscriptions will remain active until the end of the yearly period, allowing for full access until this time.

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Where are the answers?

Our morning challenges don't come with official answer sheets. We've always used the resource to promote student-led learning and, following registration, we would recommend spending time with the group, running through answers, in order to gauge understanding, iron out mistakes and discuss learning. You'll be amazed what a busy team of children can accomplish when they are allowed to move, share and lead!

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