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Children spend 50+ hours, every year, in registration. Begin building your brilliant morning routine, today!
Engage your learners and save precious time with fun, educational daily resources used in 50,000+ classrooms across six continents.

Morning Challenges for 5-7 year olds - Click for full screen >

Our Morning Challenges for 5-7 year-olds incorporate a range of curriculum based activities (phonics, spelling, well-being, maths, geography and more) that help to form a structured daily routine.

Begin building independence early and foster a love for learning with these colourful and engaging presentations that will have your group working positively and productively at the start of every day.

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Morning Challenges (5-7)
Morning Challenges (7-9)

Morning Challenges for 7-9 year olds - Click for full screen >

Our Morning Challenges, for ages 7-9, introduce a range of trickier tasks, which all challenge, promote topical conversation, and help reinforce the teaching & learning taking place in class.

Activities include a word of the day, handwriting, maths, well-being, geography, and our famous 'spot the mistake' which helps to encourage positive working relationships between the teacher and their class. 

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Morning Challenges (9-11)

Morning Challenges for 9-11 year olds - Click for full screen >

September 6th.jpg

Our Morning Challenges, for ages

9-11, continue to progress in difficulty adding depth to both maths and English whilst introducing a historical element in 'Today in History'.

Children thrive on the number of different opportunities that these daily challenges offer them, allowing them to independently choose entry points and take ownership of their learning in an enjoyable and engaging manner. 

Maths Warm-ups

Differentiated Daily Maths Warmups - Click for full screen >

November 18th.jpg

Our daily, differentiated maths warm-ups are designed to recap & top-up the learning happening in the classroom.

Covering a range of aspects, all found in the national curriculum, children are handed the opportunity to discuss, practise methods, and calculate, in a fun and engaging manner prior to their main daily learning. Click 'subscribe' to instantly access all 366 daily maths warms ups, today.

A story-starter for every day of the year - Click the image to try me


With a story-starter for each & every

day of the year, your class can use their imagination, experiment with their creative writing, and practise their comprehension skills.

Accompanied by our signature writer's toolkit, these prompts help encourage the use of accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar whilst allowing the child to take the lead. Click 'subscribe' to instantly access all 366 daily story starters, today.

Story Starters
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