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Morning Challenge goes Full-Screen!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hi everyone - thanks for your continued support and usage of the site. I'm really happy that I've been able to help save you some time this year, and the feedback on home-usage during lockdown, in particular, was fantastic!

A few updates - I've been asked a few times, in recent weeks, if the daily challenges at could be enlarged. My answer has always been to play around with the browser zoom settings, but I'm now happy to announce that I've added a full-screen option which will mean that you can utilise your entire display; making it easier for your students to see the board and get involved!

Simply click the full-screen icon (top right) and, provided you are not already running full screen mode, you should see the image enlarge itself automatically. Please remember that to access the challenges you must be logged in via a desktop or laptop computer - they are not designed for mobile use.

I've also finished updating the story starters so that they can be opened in the same way too!

Adding this option is time consuming, and has to be done one page at a time, so the process is ongoing - however, the current day will always have this option so don't worry if you can't currently see it for future weeks and months!


I'm currently in the process of standardising the entire year's slides, so that they are all inclusive of the rich content that makes such an important part of your classroom's daily routine. Upper key stage 2 is nearly complete, with December due to be added in the coming weeks. Lower key stage 2 is an ongoing process, and as with the option to enlarge, I'll be making sure that the current day is always available, so don't worry if you can only see a couple of days ahead right now.

The Forum

I recently opened up our new forum and we have a small but growing community of contributors. Please pay them a visit and introduce yourself. I hope, that in time, this will become a buzzing landing space where teachers can share advice, resources and ask questions. Why not join in?

Have a productive week ahead and enjoy the run up to Christmas.

Best wishes from sunny Abu Dhabi!



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