Teachers Shouldn't have to pay for Resources!

The subject of paid teaching resources is one which has been close to my heart for many years. Firstly, let me make a distinction. There are many, excellent paid-for resources and online platforms that can make lives easier - many of which are thoroughly engaging and cost-effective. Schools often purchase plans for these, from their budgets, in order to save their staff time or to create a more consistent approach towards in-class teaching. No problem. It's the fact that many of us still feel forced to spend our own hard-earned money on something which is already, undoubtedly, floating around in the 'teacher-spere' that has always bothered me.

I could chat for days about my belief that we work in an underpaid profession. Many of us have sought pastures new due to feeling the pinch that comes hand in hand with our roles. I'm told that most of us don't do it for the money, but we do deserve better and I'd make a stab in the dark that the majority don't have bottomless pockets to cover the costs of additional classroom necessities or lesson plans and presentations; the time spent on the creation of which further detracts from our already well-strained wellbeing.

I've been toying with ideas about how to ease the workload of my fellow professionals for months now. A twitter thread I started, a while back, about creating a space for shared resources, gained a lot of traction and interest. It turned out that there were some great sites on the go already, but I'd like to do something slightly different to the standard database which can be trawled through - usually presenting the searcher with more of a headache than they started with due to the variety of unrelated, poor quality or chargeable goods intermingled with the one or two hidden gems that rarely present themselves.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the brand new Morning Challenge 'Resource Request and Share' Forum. You'll find it here: https://www.morningchallenge.co.uk/forum/resource-request-and-share Simply log-in and start a brand new thread entitled with the resource you are in search of. Fellow forum users can then offer their own, for free. No catch, nothing paid for, just teachers helping each other out in what are currently very tough times.

I've got hordes of great, home-made stuff that I'm happy to pass on, and I'm hoping that you may have too. I'd love to recruit a bunch of good-Samaritans with the same beliefs, so why not pop by and see if anyone could do with a hand. Alternatively, if you're in need, or struggling to source something essential, I guarantee it's out there. We don't have enough time in our lives for chasing our tails, so just ask!


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