Creative Writing Competition - 2021 - The Winners!

This year's competition received hundreds of entries, from all around the world. The standards were incredibly high and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through them.

We had two age categories, this time around - 7 to 9 and 10 to 11. Within each age group, a winner and a runner-up were selected. These winners can be found below, along with their stories. Congratulations to this year's champions and a big round of applause, and thank you, to everyone who took the time to send in their entries!

Age 7-9 Winner
Arjun Pasumarti

I’m Arjun, eight years old, and I attend Nascot Wood Junior School, Watford.


Reading and writing go hand in hand, so that’s how I ventured into the world of writing. I simply love reading. Half the day reading (and writing) , half the day doing the rest of the stuff that I needed to do. It started when I just suddenly got this idea of writing a few short stories about seasons. So I did. And one of them got published. By then, I was excited to write more. So I did. The more I wrote, the more got published.

Thanks to all my teachers who have helped me in some way. My favourite authors are Roald Dahl, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Enid Blyton, and Arthur Ransome.

One day, hopefully, I shall become an author.

Age 10 - 11 Winner
Rebecca Costello

Hello, My name is Rebecca Costello. I am 11 years

old and I go to Rathregan National School in

Co. Meath in Ireland. I am in 5th class and my teacher this year is Ms Dunne.


I began reading at an early age and I have developed a love for it ever since.  I enjoy creative writing because you can write about absolutely anything. My favourite author is JK Rowling.

Age 7 - 9 Runner-up
Susanna Mills

Susanna is 8 years old and lives in Muir of Ord in the Highlands of Scotland, with her mum,  dad and 3 sisters.


She is in P4 at Tarradale Primary School and loves being in Miss Brown’s class.


Writing stories makes her feel calm and relaxed. She loves reading too, her favourite author is David Walliams.

Age 10 - 11 Runner-up
Orran Dalrymple

Hello, my name is Orran Dalrymple and I have just started at Earlston High School in the Scottish Borders.


I dived into stories from an early age, reading anything I got my hands on.  I was soon paper-clipping pages together and writing and drawing on them.  These were my first stories, I would come on to create many more.


What I love about writing is the freedom of it.  You can write about anything.  There are no rules.  I love reading most things but I love ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Murder Most Unlady Like’ and ‘Harry Potter’.


 I was so happy when I heard I had come runner-up in

this competition.