Daniel Wilson was trained in the UK and has experience of working within years 1-6 as both a teaching assistant and a class teacher. He currently works in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as a prep school

teacher in year 4. This site is dedicated to Leo & the Livingstone Owls of 2017/18 who taught me as much as I taught them and who, collectively and individually, coped with everything I threw at them and owned every second of it. Continue making me proud guys, you rock!

Visits to schools in both Denmark and Finland, in 2017, made me eager to produce resources and dynamics which facilitated, rather than forced, learning. The Student-Led Classroom aims to help teachers around the world build learning spaces, within which, the children take ownership of their education and develop confidence, resilience and get-up and go. Over time, the use of these classroom concepts  should prompt work to begin quickly and willingly with knowledge and understanding being shared openly.

'The Morning Challenge' is the result of a four year, ever-evolving, project to produce fun, engaging and stimulating student-led tasks that promote routine and learning from the very first second of the school day. Each day's page features a selection of UK curriculum based challenges, a word and country of the day and an important piece of history linked to each specific date - giving children the opportunity to write, calculate and practice key skills whilst their teacher deals with daily admin, registration and the other array of duties thrown at them first thing. Look out for the daily mistakes which offer a great opportunity to teach your group that adults aren't perfect!

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