Hi, my name is Daniel Wilson and I'm a class teacher, currently based in Bedford, with big aspirations to change classroom dynamics around the world. Visits to both Denmark and Finland, in 2017, made me eager to develop a work space where the children took ownership of their learning. Over time, the use of Primary Hub resources and classroom concepts  should prompt work to begin both quickly and quietly with knowledge and understanding shared openly. For more ways to develop a student led classroom, check out the student-led classroom blog

'The Morning Challenge' is the result of a four year, ever-evolving, project to produce fun, engaging and stimulating student-led tasks for the primary classroom. Each day's page features a selection of UK curriculum based challenges, a word and country of the day and an important piece of history linked to each specific date - giving children the opportunity to write, calculate and practice key skills whilst their teacher deals with daily admin, registration and the other array of duties thrown at them first thing.

You will notice that many mistakes are to be found in relation to spelling, punctuation and grammar. This stems from the musings of Gary Wilson (an expert on raising boy's achievement) who I was once lucky enough to listen to explain how he had built strong working relationships and understanding with his groups through encouraging them to identify his errors and willingly admitting to them!

I have had many inquiries about challenges specifically aimed at year groups. At the moment, I am in the process of completing and uploading a slide for each and every day of the calendar. Once this is done I will begin to expand what is on offer. This being said, I have used the challenges in the UK in years 3,4 and 5 and have found that, if given the opportunity to work as a team, most tasks can be completed by the 'whole'. You may well be amazed at the ability of some of your children to act as 'mini-teachers' when entrusted with the opportunity to lead.

If you would like to contact me about anything you see, or with ideas for how the site continues to evolve, please use the form below and I will be happy to respond!

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